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Are you excited about designing positive change for the future?

Watch the videos, download the activity workbooks, and maybe even start your own Circular Classroom Club! Host lunchtime sessions with interested classmates, or ask your teacher to dedicate a class to the topic.

And, be sure to share your activities with us via the hashtag #CircularClassroom



Moving from the linear to the circular economy

What is the difference in the linear and circular economies, and how does it affect us all? What kinds of actions can we take to help design a future that works better for us all? What potential for solving complex problems does a circular future hold?


Systems and sustainability

How does nature work, and what is sustainability all about? How do systems in nature work? What does ‘biodegradable’ mean, and what are biocycles? How can individual actions help reduce our ecological footprints? What type of collective changes can we make to help achieve sustainability? What types of circular economy changes can we apply to our personal lives?


Design and creativity

What is design and how does design affect us all? Why do humans design the world to work for the status quo? What is the difference between a professional and a citizen designer? How are systems at play all around us? How can we use creativity to create a better future?


Around the world there are young people just like you taking actions to make a positive impact on the planet. Check out these videos on global young leaders for a sustainable and circular future!

Interested in a building your own career in activating creative change?

Get inspired by hearing how Leyla constructed her own creative career in circular and sustainable design.