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Take action!

Our everyday individual actions today collectively create the future. We are all citizen designers, helping to influence the world through the things we buy and the actions we take. Take action today to help design a future that works better for all of us!

  1. Start a Circular Classroom Club at your school or in your community
  2. Share your experiences
  3. Co-create circular content

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Ways to get active now

Take action locally, find ways of sharing your ideas with the world, initiate dialogues about the things that matter, and start to think differently about how we can all contribute to a positive future by design.

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Start a Circular Club at your school or in your community

Every individual has the power to affect positive change through the things that they do, but a group is even better! Start a lunchtime or after school club to help action some of the changes you want to see in the world. You can do the workbook activities in your club as well as set goals and actions to do as a group.

Share your experiences

Educators, why not run a peer workshop where you share your experiences using the Circular Classroom, or perhaps share your insights and actions at a local educators conference? The more conversations and sharing of knowledge, the more effective change will be.

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Co-create circular content

We encourage you to work together with your fellow educators and students to develop new activities and multimedia content on how you have applied this approach in your school, as this will help activate more positive change! Send us your content and ideas, and we may incorporate it into the suggested materials. Share the positive change you’re making with the world through the hashtag #circularclassroom